Rethink How You Bank

Special offers at our new Del Mar location.
  • Lock in higher fixed interest rates on CDs like 5.15% APY for 7 months.1
  • Open a high-yield Savings Account at 4.25% APY with quick access to your money.2
  • Enjoy a better banking experience at our new branch in Del Mar, California.

Certificates of Deposit

CDs are a safe way to earn exceptional returns. With Certificates of Deposit, you have the freedom to create a savings plan that lines up with your personal realities. The other big benefit? A high fixed rate, which means you know from the start you're going to come out way ahead of the game.
  • Open a 7-Month CD at 5.15% APY.1
  • Available at the Del Mar location only.
  • Collect guaranteed returns.

Promo Statement Savings

It's always a good idea to have money set aside for a rainy day, and a savings account allows you to maximize your hard-earned money by earning even more.  Plus, you'll have easy access to your money when you need it.

  • Open a Promo Statement Savings, a high-yield savings account.
  • Earn 4.25% APY,2 an exceptionally high interest rate for a savings account.
  • Set up automatic savings through First Bank's eBanking - simply set it, forget it, and watch your money grow.