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1 Family Business Boards

Family Business Boards – Hidden Challenges and How to Overcome Them

By Dr. Allie Taylor, Orange Kiwi, LLC

Originally published on Orange Kiwi, LLC, March 31, 2022.

The article, “Family Business Boards – Hidden Challenges and How to Overcome Them,” by Dr. Allie Taylor, and originally published by Orange Kiwi, LLC, discusses five reasons business owners do not create a family business board and five reasons to consider creating one. It also outlines the unique design of family boards.
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2 Innovation & Growth

The Women Leading the World’s Largest Family Enterprises

By Lee Hoverd

Originally published in Tharawat Magazine, July 27, 2023.

According to the article, “The Women Leading the World’s Largest Family Enterprises,” written by Lee Hoverd and originally published in Tharawat Magazine, there is a rise of women in leadership positions in America; however, that same presence has not yet been met globally.
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3 Survey

Family Business Survey: Our Why and Key Findings

Photo of Michael Dierberg
By Michael Dierberg, Chairman of the Board, FB Corporation

Originally published in Family Business Magazine, September 2023

Family businesses are a major economic driving force in America; unfortunately, sparse data, research, and resources for them are available. In addition to the lack of accurate representation of the family business sector, misinformation is often used. How are family businesses, such as the fourth-generation, family-owned business that I have the privilege to help lead, able to grow and innovate for the future with this dearth of resources?
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1 Legacy

Moving a Family Business Beyond the Founder’s Vision

By Dennis T. Jaffe, Ph.D

Originally published on, September 21, 2022.

The article, “Moving a Family Business Beyond the Founder’s Vision,” by Dennis Jaffe, and originally published on, discusses how a founding family member establishing and growing a successful business is only the first step. The next generation of leaders need to strategize and reestablish what business they are in, what the goals will be, and how to achieve this new path.

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2 Family Business Spotlight

Educating the Next Generation

By Charlie Rhomberg, freelance writer and a fourth-generation member of Crescent Electric Supply

Originally published in Family Business Magazine.

This article, “Educating the Next Generation,” written by Charlie Rhomberg and originally published in Family Business Magazine, shares how Crescent Electric Supply overcomes the challenges of keeping over 100 shareholders across seven family branches informed and on the same page. The author shares how they are developing an on ramp for each family member to become active and engaged shareholders.
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3 Inheritance

The Inheritance Experience

By Judy Lin Walsh, Principal, and Alison Isaacson, BanyanGlobal

Originally published in Trusts & Estates Magazine, May Issue.

This article, “The Inheritance Experience,” written by Judy Lin Walsh and Alison Isaacson of BanyanGlobal, and originally published by Trusts & Estates Magazine, discusses the different experiences of family business wealth inheritors. For some, the experience gives them purpose. For others, wealth is a double-edge sword. Find out how to guide the next generation to find a meaningful path of their own.
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1 Wealth Transfer

The Progenitor’s Dilemma: Avoiding Entitlement When Transferring Wealth

By Doug BaumoelBlair Trippe and Katie Spencer

The article, “The Progenitor’s Dilemma: Avoiding Entitlement When Transferring Wealth,” by Doug BaumoelBlair Trippe and Katie Spencer, and originally published by Continuity Family Business Consulting, discusses strategies that parents and grandparents may use to help leave a legacy of empowerment and not entitlement with their transfer of wealth. The authors also discuss how much progenitors should give to their heirs and when.
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2 Legacy

Transitioning the Business: Building Your Legacy

By Joshua Nacht, Senior Consultant, Family Business Consulting Group

Originally published in Family Business Magazine, September/October Issue.

This article, “Building Your Legacy,” written by Joshua Nacht and originally published in Family Business Magazine, discusses the process in which multi-generational family businesses develop a sustainable legacy. The author reiterates that building a family-business legacy requires a sustained investment of time, energy, and resources.
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3 Succession Planning

Best Practices for Successful Leadership Transitions in Family Businesses

Finding, grooming, and retaining top talent to grow a family-owned business is critical to its long-term success. First Bank’s Chief Executive Officer Shelley Seifert is retiring later this year and Mikel Williamson, an experienced banking executive and First Bank president, will be promoted to CEO. This important transition is bringing executive leadership transitions front and center for First Bank.
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Family Business Management Solutions

Achieving long-term success as a family business demands the right tools. Let First Bank’s tailored family business solutions help your organization achieve success now and for generations to come.

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