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Is It Time to Sell the Family Business?

The decision to sell a business can be difficult, especially when it’s a family business. How does a family business leader determine when it’s time to sell the family business and how can he or she best ensure a successful sale?

Are Cold Feet Really the Issue? Why There Is a Better Way to Measure Owner Readiness

This article describes the “cold feet” phenomenon of business owners when preparing to sell or transition their business. The author shares a valuable tool, established by Orange Kiwi, that measures critical variables that are indicators of success.

Successor Training: Take it Slow

Your vision and legacy are too important to be left up to chance. The article, “Successor Training: Take it Slow,” by Chris Yount, and originally published on Family Business Magazine, discusses the process of slowly transitioning successors into the family business.

The Progenitor’s Dilemma: Avoiding Entitlement When Transferring Wealth

This article discusses strategies that parents and grandparents may use to help leave a legacy of empowerment and not entitlement with their transfer of wealth.

Transitioning the Business: Building Your Legacy

This article, “Building Your Legacy,” written by Joshua Nacht and originally published in Family Business Magazine, discusses the process in which multi-generational family businesses develop a sustainable legacy.

Best Practices for Successful Leadership Transitions in Family Businesses

Finding, grooming, and retaining top talent to grow a family-owned business is critical to its long-term success. First Bank’s Chief Executive Officer Shelley Seifert is retiring at the end of the year and Mikel Williamson, an experienced banking executive and First Bank president, will be promoted to CEO. This important transition is bringing executive leadership transitions front and center for First Bank.