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When Your Need for Control Negatively Impacts Your Succession Dreams

This article provides critical insights to help owners pivot their leadership approach to achieve a successful business succession. The author shares five threats owners must overcome to eventually transfer management and governance of their family business.

My Father’s Wisdom

The article, “My Father’s Wisdom,” by Mark Sanborn, and originally published on, gives a personal account of how the author’s father not only provided good advice verbally to him as a child but also supported that advice through his actions. The author shares four specific lessons he learned from his father’s wisdom.

Going From Zero to Hero

The article, “Going From Zero To Hero,” by Mark Sanborn, and originally published on, explains how great leaders want heroes on their teams, not zeroes. It also outlines a specific action plan for “heroes” within an organization as well as the recipe on how to avoid becoming a “zero.”

How Will AI Change the Labor Market?

Economists consider how Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will affect job prospects, higher education, and inequality.

Moving a Family Business Beyond the Founder’s Vision

This article discusses how a founding family member establishing and growing a successful business is only the first step. The next generation of leaders need to strategize and reestablish what business they are in, what the goals will be, and how to achieve this new path.

Educating the Next Generation

Charlie Rhomberg shares how Crescent Electric Supply overcomes the challenges of keeping over 100 shareholders across seven family branches informed and on the same page.