Accounts Receivable

Automate and modernize your business
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Manage incoming checks.
  • Free up resources.

ACH Collections

Eliminate large volumes of paper checks and accelerate your cash flow.


Designed with small business owners in mind, easily manage your receivables (invoicing and accepting payments) and monitor your cashflow with one of the best invoicing and accounting platforms on the market.

Lockbox Services

Simplify your operations by having your company's receivables sent to one location.

Merchant Services

Ensure your clients can pay in a way that makes sense for them.

Remote Deposit

Manage incoming payments on your schedule using this desktop check-scanning system.

Client Stories

It's great to be with a bank that supports the need for a company to invest in the future. We've never felt the need to cut important expenses to build for the future just to meet a quarterly number.

- Jim Spellmeyer, CFO of Christy Industry Holdings