Lockbox Services

Put us to work collecting your incoming payments
  • Reduce in-house processing costs.
  • Make funds available faster.
  • Get comprehensive reports.

Spend a lot less time sorting the mail.

By streamlining receivables management, you'll free your staff to focus on other priorities.

Simplify your operations by having your company's receivables sent to one location. Payments are collected and processed same-day, bringing increased efficiency to your business. From smaller boxes with a few hundred monthly payments to larger volumes with more complex processing requirements, First Bank has a solution for you. In addition to reducing mail float and collection expenses, we can provide access to online images as well as transmissions of images and payment data.

  • Speed up payment processing time.
  • Increase productivity
  • Accelerate funds availability.
  • Get a full daily report on everything that's deposited.
  • Go paperless with online image and document viewing.

Specialized Solutions

  • Wholesale lockbox with online image viewing
  • Wholesale lockbox with image and data transmission
  • Medical Lockbox - HIPPA Compliant
  • Medical lockbox with full remittance and EOB processing
Commercial Lending
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