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New Personal eBanking System Is Live: Enroll Now and Take Action Where Needed

You will need to re-enroll in the new eBanking system on Sept. 25 with your full account number to enjoy a better banking experience. Review this information and take action where needed after successfully enrolling in the new eBanking system.

5 Ways to Help Your Student Adapt to College Life

Starting college can be a huge lifestyle change. Whether your child is attending college in state or out of state, living on campus can present challenges, like sharing a living space with other people or using a communal bathroom. While living in a new place with new people can seem overwhelming, there are things that your student can do to help them adapt, like setting routines and planning for any challenges they might face.

Family Business Survey: Our Why and Key Findings

Family businesses are a major economic driving force in America; unfortunately, sparse data, research, and resources for them are available. In addition to the lack of accurate representation of the family business sector, misinformation is often used.

Balancing the Costs of Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities sound like the perfect addition to your student’s curriculum. Before they sign up or you sign them up, however, be sure to weigh the pros and the cons of participating in the extracurricular activity or activities.

How to Find Your Full Account Number

Be prepared for the new eBanking-2023 launch by retrieving your full account number.

The Truth About Family Business Succession

In this article, “The Truth About Family Business Succession,” written by Dr. Allie Taylor and originally published by Orange Kiwi, LLC, you will discover 10 things owners wish they knew about succession years before they started. Dr. Taylor discusses some of the challenges in succession planning and how to address them