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Navigating a Business Loan: Know the 5 C's of Credit

First Bank’s Maria Hunter, Commercial Relationship Manager, explains the “Five C’s of Credit” when applying for a business loan.

Refinancing 101

Before you consider refinancing your home’s mortgage, it’s important to learn what it means, why a home owner should consider it, and how to start the process.

Growing Your Business in a Digitally-Transformed World

In today’s technology-driven world, businesses need to be empowered with the information needed to stay digitally on pace with their industry’s counterparts.

How Will You or Your Child Pay for College?

With college and higher education costs on the rise, it’s important to know your options on how to pay for it.

Your First Class Introduction to College Banking 101

Planning for college also means planning for how your student plans to bank once he or she is away at school. Learn ways to make college banking easy.