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Survey Reveals Generational Differences

In partnership with MacKenzie Corporation, First Bank’s Center for Family-Owned Businesses surveyed 552 respondents for its “2023 Family Business Survey”.

A Lifetime of Protecting Country, Family, and Faith

On this episode of From the Hart podcast, Ed Hart, Director of First Bank’s Center for Family-Owned Businesses, has a conversation with Martha Daniel, Founder and CEO of Orange County, California based Information Management Resources Inc. (IMRI). IMRI is family-owned and operated, and provides cyber security and IT support to the military, several government organizations, and businesses of all sizes all over the country. Ms. Daniel shares her passion for family business, and discusses who has inspired her throughout her life.

SECURE 2.0 Aims to Brighten the Future for Retirement Savers

The $1.7 trillion appropriations bill passed by Congress at the end of last year included some notable provisions affecting workplace retirement plans and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Here's an overview of the Act's changes to the complicated rules that govern tax-advantaged retirement accounts.

Yes, Banks Are the Safest Place for Your Money: Find Out More About FDIC Insurance

If you’ve watched the news or scrolled through your social media feed recently, you’ve probably heard the buzz regarding “Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC Insurance” and its importance in both good and not-ideal economic conditions.

Millennial and Gen Z Homebuyers: Is Your Credit Score Ready for a Home Purchase?

If you’re looking to improve your credit score or establish one, here are some things you can do that will help.

Webinar: Should They Stay Or Should They Go? Rethinking How to Prep Next Generation Family Business Leaders

In order to survive and thrive across generations, family businesses must not only identify those individuals who express interest in leading the firm, but also better understand how to successfully prepare the next generation of leadership.