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AI and Your Brand: A Journey from "What's That?" to "Wow, That's Incredible!"

Are you ready to dip your toes into the vast ocean of Artificial Intelligence (AI) without feeling like you're drowning in tech jargon? We’ve got you covered! Let's demystify AI and turn it from a head-scratcher into your brand's secret weapon.

First Bank Invests in Future Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs with Girls Inc.

In partnership with First Bank, Girls Inc. St. Louis is launching the Girls Inc. Entrepreneurship and Business Academy (GEBA) focused on exposing young women, primarily of color, in grades 8 through 12 to business and entrepreneurial professionals, curriculum and opportunities. Learn more about First Bank's partnership with Girls Inc.

Tribute to Those Who Served - Gibson Brothers

During the St. Louis Blues game on December 14, 2023, First Bank had the incredible honor of celebrating the Gibson brothers, three brothers with a strong relationship who served in the Vietnam War. Watch First Bank’s Tribute to Those Who Served as we honor the Gibson brothers who shared their incredible story of brotherly love and their experience on the Greater St. Louis Honor Flight.

2023 Family Business Symposium - Defining Success in Family Businesses

Josh Baron, Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School and Co-Founder, BanyanGlobal, explores what it means to define success in a family business. Watch Baron's presentation and his discussion with family business owners on navigating strategy and metrics to define success. 

Year-End Tax Planning: An Explanation of Tax-Loss Harvesting

As we approach the year-end, seasoned advisors are gearing up for the annual ritual of tax-loss harvesting, a strategic maneuver aimed at optimizing client portfolios. As we delve into this year's year-end maneuvers, our aim is to approach the process with wisdom, finesse, and the understanding that our clients’ portfolios and overall tax circumstances differ.

2023 Family Business Symposium - Keeping the Magic Alive: Developing Longevity in Family Businesses

Family business panelists, along with Dennis Jaffe, discuss preparing the next generation of their business, how they handle complications, and how they keep family harmony to promote longevity in the family business.