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Cash Reserves with Bob Sander

In this installment of Dollars and Sense presented by First Bank, Commercial Loan Officer Bob Sander discusses cash reserves with Fox 2 News' Dan Gray.

Starting Your Emergency Savings Fund

Having an emergency savings can help ease a negative financial impact from unexpected, urgent life events that occur like a layoff or car accident.

Understanding Your Net Worth and How to Increase It

The idea of personal net worth may seem like something reserved for the wealthy, but no matter your financial circumstances, it’s important to understand what net worth is about, and why it’s important to increase yours.

Adulting 101: A How-To Guide for a Bright Financial Future

Understanding Your Credit Report

If you’re ready to apply for credit, especially for something like a mortgage, here’s some information to help you understand your credit report better.

How Will You or Your Child Pay for College?

With college and higher education costs on the rise, it’s important to know your options on how to pay for it.