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2024 Family Business Survey Findings: Expansion Into New Markets is a Highly-Ranked Strategy

Recent surveys have unveiled a resounding consensus among family business leaders: the imperative to explore untapped territories ranks among the top priorities for strategic evolution.

Understanding What Success Means in Family Firms

The article, “Understanding What Success Means in Family Firms,” originally published on FFI Practitioner, describes how the author defines and measures success in family firms. Chris Casey also explains why he feels gap analysis can be a useful tool for family firm advisors.

Is It Time to Sell the Family Business?

The decision to sell a business can be difficult, especially when it’s a family business. How does a family business leader determine when it’s time to sell the family business and how can he or she best ensure a successful sale?

Working with Your In-Laws Isn’t Always a Terrible Idea

It’s not always easy working in a family business as a family member—but working for that family business as an in-law can be a whole other challenge. BanyanGlobal’s Josh Baron and Rob Lachenauer describe the best way to work together effectively and successfully.

Are Cold Feet Really the Issue? Why There Is a Better Way to Measure Owner Readiness

This article describes the “cold feet” phenomenon of business owners when preparing to sell or transition their business. The author shares a valuable tool, established by Orange Kiwi, that measures critical variables that are indicators of success.

When Your Need for Control Negatively Impacts Your Succession Dreams

This article provides critical insights to help owners pivot their leadership approach to achieve a successful business succession. The author shares five threats owners must overcome to eventually transfer management and governance of their family business.