Certificates of Deposit

One of those things that gets better with time
  • Choose your investment period.
  • Collect guaranteed returns.
  • Earn more with our promotional rates.

Extra money in a month.
Even more in a few years.

Whatever time period you choose, CDs are a safe way to earn exceptional returns.

You know best when those tuition and tax bills are due. You know best when you might need a bigger car or a new roof. With Certificates of Deposit, you have the freedom to create a savings plan that lines up with your personal realities. The other big benefit? A high fixed rate, which means you know from the start you're going to come out way ahead of the game.

  • Open your high-yield account with as little as $1,000.
  • Choose a standard CD term ranging from 7 days to 5 years.
  • Know in advance that you'll earn more than you would with most traditional savings accounts.
  • Do research that will show that longer-term CDs generally pay even higher rates.
We have the key for you to open the doors to your dream home.