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Wealth Management Strategies | New Years Resolutions for Managing Money

David Frederick, Director of Client Success and Advice at First Bank Wealth Management, suggests New Years resolutions for managing your money that are easy to understand and simple to follow through on.

Financial Check-Up for 2022: Three Areas to Evaluate

The start of a new year is an ideal time to check in with your finances and determine if any adjustments need to be made. Assessing how and what impacted your finances in the past year can help you get a better understanding of your financial situation going into the new year.

Appropriate Checklists for Year-End Tax Planning

Tax planners often develop checklists to guide taxpayers toward year-end strategies that might help reduce taxes. Typically, suggestions are grouped into several different categories, such as "Filing Status" or "Employee Matters," for ease of reading.

Top Year-End Investment Tips

Just what you need, right? One more time-consuming task to be taken care of between now and the end of the year.

2021 Year-End Tax Planning Strategies:

As one year winds down and we prepare for a new one, here are some simple tips to help lower your taxes and put you on solid financial footing as we look forward to 2022.

Getting Started: Establishing a Financial Safety Net

In times of crisis, you don't want to be shaking pennies out of a piggy bank. Having a financial safety net in place can ensure that you're protected when a financial emergency arises.