The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for The Holidays

Shopping for holiday gifts can be a daunting task. From long lines to out-of-stock items, the rush of the holiday season can be overwhelming. As you start thinking of potential holiday gift ideas for your children, keep in mind the things they have been asking for or things they could benefit from.

Here are four gift options that can help bring joy to your family this holiday season.

1. An upgraded space

For children that spend time in their bedroom, playroom, or other space, a room make-over is a gift that they can enjoy for years to come. Have they been asking for a new bed, their walls to be a different color, or a new gaming system? Consider surprising them with the opportunity to give their space a fresh, customized look or pick out a new gadget they’ve been wanting. This can be a great way to bond with your child while also giving them a chance to choose what they really want.

2. A trip of a lifetime

A family vacation is another ideal option for a holiday gift. Whether your child has been asking to visit a beach, the mountains, or an amusement park, they’ll likely be remembering this gift for years to come. For help financing the trip, your Home Equity Line of Credit is a great option. You’ll only pay interest on the funds you use, and you can get a credit line up to 80% of your home’s equity, helping fund more future family vacations and memories.

3. A new wardrobe

New clothes or shoes are always an ideal option for a holiday gift. It’s no secret that children are more prone to staining and ripping their clothing. While clothing is a necessity, this gift can also give your child a confidence boost while they are wearing the new items. Consider using your World Mastercard® for your clothing purchases. You'll earn rewards for purchases you are already making like groceries and gas, dining, travel reservations, and more.

4. Add to their savings account

Another gift to consider for your child is to add funds to their Kids Cash Savings Account. Any money they receive from the holidays or birthdays can be kept here, plus they’ll earn interest on the funds in the account. It’s an ideal way to continue teaching your child about money and savings, while keeping it in a safe place.

Choosing meaningful holiday gifts for your child can be challenging. It’s often ideal to take a close look at some things they’ve been asking for while also considering things they can benefit from. For more information on how First Bank can help your family with financing holiday gifts, contact a trusted First Bank advisor today.