Are There Parallels Between Tom Brady’s Success and Sound Portfolio Management?

We are now a few weeks into the 102nd season of the National Football League (NFL)®. This season, like season’s past, promise to bring exciting football games, comical commercials, and ongoing entertainment through fantasy football.

Currently playing is one of the best quarterbacks to ever step out on the football field, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr., also known as Tom Brady. What makes him so good? Is it seven major championships? Five Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards? Or, is it because of his 90,000 passing yards? More impressive than any of the individual records or accolades that Tom Brady has achieved is the longevity of his great career. At 44 years old, he is the only quarterback to win a Super Bowl in three different decades. Even more impressively, Tom Brady has thrown more touchdowns in his 40’s than he did in his 20’s.

Parallels can be drawn between Tom Brady’s success and longevity to sound portfolio management best practices:

Plan ahead: To this day, Tom Brady will watch forty or more hours of film in preparation for his upcoming game. This allows him to develop an understanding of the opponent’s tendencies and take advantage of any weaknesses. Planning is also a key to success with investing. If you can clearly lay out your investment goals, such as college savings, a home purchase, or retirement, you can more clearly track these goals.

Working with a knowledgeable First Bank advisor will help you ensure that you are on the best path to achieve them. 

Start investing early: A less known fact about Tom Brady is that he started out at the University of Michigan as the seventh string quarterback. Even through his junior and senior year, he was splitting time as the quarterback position with another player. Brady had an extreme work ethic even through the beginning of his college career, which is one of the main contributors to his success. 

The more you invest and the earlier you start, means your investments will have that much more time and potential to grow. Schedule an appointment today to discover First Bank Wealth Management’s investment management services.

Manage Risks: Tom Brady has been able to play for this long because he takes the utmost care of his diet and recovery. Tom follows many important health and diet best practices like drinking a lot of fluids, eating a lot of all-natural and whole foods, getting eight hours of sleep, and not drinking alcohol.

Similar to Tom, a healthy asset allocation is key to long-term protection and growth. Stocks can provide growth potential, bonds can give an investor some safety and income, alternatives provide non- correlated investment returns that can give some protection if markets sell off, and insurance can help directly protect against certain specific risks. Look to manage these investment buckets diligently, like Tom does with his diet and recovery.

If you’re ready to get in the game and plan for your long-term goals, reach out to a trusted First Bank Wealth Management Advisor. We can access your game plan and help put you on the path to long-term success.

Jared Lopez, Portfolio Manager
First Bank Wealth Management

Jared Lopez is a Portfolio Manager on the California Wealth Management team with over seven years of experience in investments and wealth management. Jared is responsible for managing investment and fiduciary accounts and advises clients in asset allocation and investment options.

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