First Bank Helps Fund Veteran Housing in Los Angeles, CA

First Bank is committed to helping improve the quality of life within the communities we serve. One of our partnerships that helps us accomplish this goal is with the organization Homes 4 Families. Homes 4 Families, a non-profit organization based in the Los Angeles, CA area, exists to meet the significant need for affordable housing and effective, no-cost services that equip veteran families to move up the economic ladder. Founded in 2008, Homes 4 Families has helped over 386 low-income families achieve their dreams of safe, affordable home-ownership, with 151 of these families being low-income veterans and military families.

“First Bank is very much involved with this organization,” said Karen Brown, Commercial Team Leader at First Bank. “The bank supports this organization by providing loans and sponsoring events that are held.” In January of 2020, First Bank donated $3,500 to the 2020 Hearts 4 Heroes Builders Ball. This is an annual event that helps raise funds for veterans that need housing. First Bank is currently a ‘Copper Hammer’ holder, meaning the bank has donated over $10,000 in support of the organization’s missions and values. Karen states, “The mission of the organization is to really help bring veterans out of low-income situations and into the middle class.”

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Aside from helping veterans and their families with housing needs, Homes 4 Families also helps veterans in other ways as well. Karen states, “Not only does Homes 4 Families help provide housing, but they also help veteran and military families work through difficult situations they are facing, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or the stress of not having a job. They provide assistance by helping the veterans find jobs and connecting them to resources and wellness programs. The focus really is on serving the entire wellness of the community.” Karen has volunteered her own time for the past seven years and is currently on the Board of Directors as the Secretary.

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