International Services

Expand your horizons
  • Minimize risk.
  • Track credit documents.
  • Manage foreign currency.

Explore opportunities in the
global marketplace.

Our trade services and foreign currency expertise help businesses reach beyond U.S. borders.

There are definitely profits to be made overseas but selling goods internationally means dealing with an often unfamiliar financial world. At First Bank, our bankers are well-versed in international commerce and can help your business navigate the complexities while minimizing risk.    

Trade Services 

  • Minimize counter-party risk and guarantee payments.
  • Use efficient online systems to track letter of credit documents.
  • Improve management of sovereign risk and foreign banking system risk.

Foreign Exchange

  • Minimize exchange rate risk.
  • Negotiate better terms through payment in foreign currency.
  • Originate spot wires efficiently.
  • Receive payments of foreign currency.
Commercial Real Estate Loans
Loans tailored to fit the unique needs of each property owner, developer, or investor.