Debit Mastercard BusinessCard®

Fast, secure purchases and much more
  • Make fast, secure payments.
  • Access travel services.
  • Protect your account with anti-fraud tools.

A valuable link to a long list of free services.

First Bank's business debit card goes the extra mile to offer assistance and protect your business.

A valuable link to a long list of free services. First Bank's business debit card goes the extra mile to offer assistance and protect your business.

Nearly every business leader knows that a debit card is a fast, secure way to make in-person purchases and online payments. But there are many other under-the-radar advantages. Powered by Mastercard, the First Bank Debit BusinessCard™ offers purchase protection, travel assistance, and roadside emergency services, among many other valuable benefits.   

  • Security: Control access for your employees by giving them a card with the transaction access and limits that you set.
  • Purchase Assurance®*: Protect against theft of or damage to most new items purchased with your Debit Mastercard up to 90 days from the date of purchase.
  • MasterAssist®*: A full range of travel assistance services.
  • MasterLegal®* Referral Service: Provides referrals to attorneys, or consultations with local embassies or consulates.
  • MasterTrip®* Travel Assistance: Provides pre-trip destination information and helps cardholders locate any lost or stolen travel materials, including luggage.
  • Travel Services Medical Assistance*: Provides a referral network of physicians, dentists, hospitals, and pharmacies, plus family notifications if the cardholder is hospitalized.
  • Master RoadAssist®*: Provides emergency roadside assistance service in the United States.
  • MasterRental® Insurance*: Provides coverage for eligible rental vehicles.

Use With Confidence

Protecting your personal information is our No. 1 priority. You can use your First Bank Debit BusinessCard™ confidently knowing that you’re protected in the event of unauthorized use.

  • Fraud monitoring: Our sophisticated technology platform is designed to help block potential fraud if abnormal patterns are detected. If we see something unusual, we move fast to help keep your card — and your personal information — safe.
  • Mastercard Zero Liability Protection**: If your card is lost or stolen, First Bank will credit fraudulent charges made with your card back to your account.
  • Identity Theft Resolution – Assisted Restoration*: If someone attempts to steal your identity, we provide the services you need to report and help resolve the incident.
  • Mastercard Identity Check™: Provides peace of mind when making purchases online. When using a Debit BusinessCard at participating online merchants, you may be prompted to enter a one-time passcode to authenticate your identity. This passcode will be sent to a phone number or email address  you have on file with us.
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