Wire Transfer

Move money quickly, anywhere
  • Opt for domestic and foreign wires.
  • Send USD or international currencies.
  • Process payments on the same day.

Transfers can be easily initiated
online or by phone.

A secure, flexible way to move your money.

With a wire transfer, your business can confidently move money anywhere in the world. It only takes a few minutes to initiate a transaction, and your business can set controls on who can authorize payments, as well as on how much can be sent at any one time.

  • Send U.S. dollars or international currency.
  • Initiate transfers online using Business eBanking, or by phone with a First Bank Wire representative.
  • Online supports free form and template based wires.
  • Online can be originated same day or scheduled for a future date.
  • Online supports dual control and limits.
ACH Payment Services
Take control of outgoing payments.