ACH Payment Services

Take control of outgoing payments
  • Reduce costs.
  • Enjoy an easy, reliable process.
  • Improve cash flow.

Precise scheduling leads to
better cash flow.

Ensure on-time payments as your business reduces costs associated with mailing checks.

Electronic payments are an ideal way to pay vendors, tax authorities and employees (through Direct Deposit). With Automatic Clearing House, you can control exactly when your cash payments are sent out, which can result in a number of financial and operational benefits. 

  • Initiate payments through Business eBanking Services or through direct transmission.
  • Improve cash-flow forecasts by scheduling the exact date that payments are made.
  • Same-day ACH service is available
  • Obtain greater precision over the timing of when you make payments to others.
  • Trim expenses associated with higher cost payments such as checks or wire transfers.
  • Reduce the risk associated with mailing paper checks.
Business Credit Cards
Get the right card for your company.