Professional Loan Program

Special treatment for professionals on the move
  • Designed for legal and medical professionals.
  • Benefit from lower down payment requirements.
  • Take advantage of expert mortgage advice.

Let's get you settled in so you can
focus on your practice.

Make a smooth transition with the help of our mortgage experts and low down payments.

Professionals in medical and legal fields play important roles in our communities. We want you to be able to go where you're needed and begin helping people as soon as possible. Our Professional Loan Program is designed to ease the relocation process by allowing professionals to qualify for a mortgage based on contracted income levels.

  • Caters to a wide range of professionals, including doctors, dentists and lawyers.
  • Finance a single-family home or housing in a planned unit development.
  • Work closely with an experienced First Bank mortgage advisor.
  • Choose from variable-rate or fixed-rate loan options.
  • Avoid cash-flow challenges with low down payments.
  • Save long term with no private mortgage insurance.
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