Sweep Services

Maximize your accounts' potential
  • Increase investment earnings.
  • Reduce borrowing costs.
  • Save staff time.

Automatically move money to where
it does the most good.

Sweep Services takes surplus checking balances and shifts them to investment and loan accounts.

In business, it's important to make efficient use of your funds. Checking balances need to be big enough to cover daily operational costs, but not so big that you lose the opportunity to put excess funds to better use. Every evening, First Bank's Sweep Services automatically transfer excess funds into accounts that maximize your earnings and minimize your borrowing costs.

  • Choose an automated Investment Sweep, Loan Sweep or a combination.
  • Increase the earnings potential of your deposit or investment accounts.
  • Save time and staff effort with automatic transfers.
  • Minimize line of credit expenses.
  • Arrange for automatic credit line transfer to cover checking shortfalls.
Investment Management
Guiding your money moves, every step of the way.