Zero Balance Accounts

Consolidate funds, be more efficient
  • Merge money from multiple accounts.
  • Automate funds transfers.
  • Simplify accounting tasks. 

A simple way to move funds
into a single master account.

Make accounting easier and maximize the amount available for expenses and investment.

Successful companies often have multiple bank accounts, for different divisions or locations, for payroll, and for other purposes. But there's no reason to keep much money in those accounts when there are no expenses to cover. A Zero Balance Account automatically moves excess balances into a primary checking account to simplify accounting and allow for the most efficient use of funds.

  • Easily track banking activity for different company divisions or business functions.
  • Establish dollar amount or zero balance thresholds for the accounts.
  • Eliminate time spent manually funding subsidiary accounts.
  • Minimize the risk of overdraft fees related to the central account.
  • Receive a monthly statement detailing all transfers.
Sweep Services
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