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School's Back in Session! Here's Your Child's 2023-24 Personal Finance Lesson

For many students returning to high school this month, the typical curriculum usually includes classes like Math, Science, and English, mixed with some elective classes students need to take to meet graduation requirements. What usually isn’t included are personal finance classes. According to a report from April 2023, only 18 states guarantee a form of personal finance education before graduation.

5 Ways to Boost Your Income Before the Year Is Over

Inflation and higher prices of good and services are still affecting many consumer’s wallets. According to a recent report, nearly 39% of Americans have a side hustle, or a second job that’s used for supplemental income. And, for many of these Americans, their side hustle isn’t for fun money, but instead the profit is used to help them make ends meet. Fortunately, if you’re looking for some ways to bring in extra cash, there are numerous ways to boost your income.

The Top Five Places in the U.S. to Visit Before the Year Is Over

The hustle and bustle of the busy summer traveling season can be overwhelming. Taking your vacation or weekend trip during peak vacation times can result in crowded airports, higher gas prices, and congested vacation spots. Scheduling your travel plans for after the busy summer traveling season can help reduce stress-related travel and allow you to enjoy your trip.