Low Rate Platinum Mastercard®

Take advantage of our lowest variable APR card*
  • Simplify your finances.
  • Consolidate your balances.
  • Enjoy lower finance charges.*

Low Rate Platinum Mastercard

Take advantage of our lowest variable APR card for those who revolve credit.*
Do you need a credit card to help you pay off other debts? Save money by transferring your higher interest balances to First Bank’s Low Rate Platinum Mastercard. Simplify your finances by consolidating your balances to help you pay off debt faster. Plus, enjoy the benefits of our special variable APR offer!*

Some benefits include the following:

  • Take advantage of lower finance charges using our lowest APR card.*
  • Simplify finances by consolidating balances so that you will have less to keep track of.
  • Utilize our special variable APR offer to transfer balances from higher interest rate credit cards to a card with a lower, more competitive APR.*

All cards offer you: 

Customer assistance 24/7; Secure online access 24/7; Real time account access; and more!

Additionally, cardholders have access to:

  • Multiple payment options, including automatic debit, online banking, mobile app, in branch, or by phone or mail.
  • Mobile app features, including the ability to turn the card on or off, request a balance transfer, make a payment, and more.
Take the steps to investing in your financial security.