Family Business Spotlight: Spartan Light Metal Products Celebrates 60 Years as a Global Leader in Light Metal Technologies

  • First Bank
  • 09/19/2022

A multi-generational, family-owned company, Spartan Light Metal Products is a global leader in light metal technologies. Specializing in aluminum and die-cast manufacturing, Spartan offers machining and assembly as well as design and analysis expertise. Spartan was founded in 1961 by Henry A. Jubel, an entrepreneur with a vision on providing high-quality products at the forefront of the die-casting industry. Often living on-site to stand watch of the 24/7 manufacturing operations at the first location in Sparta, IL, Henry’s dedication and perseverance led to what is now a global solutions provider. Don Jubel, second-generation Chairman of the Board, carries the family business forward with differentiation in the marketplace with its long-term perspective, strong Christian core values, engineering solutions, and a philanthropic legacy. 
“Our customers like to know they’re working with a company that stands for something and operates by the values it was founded on,” said Don. “We attract many of our employees due to our unique culture.” With the perseverance of a Spartan warrior, the torch continues as third generation Jubels now assume leadership roles. “Our long-term perspective is a huge asset,” said Melissa Markwort, Vice President Program Management. “We’re not just focused on short-term goals, rather, we’re strategizing with an eye toward innovation for the future. “Many customers and employees depend on us.” 

Partnering with First Bank in 1995, Don recalls the trusted relationship they’ve developed. “Jim (Dierberg) told us to call him personally if we ever had an issue,” said Don. “We’ve never had to make that call. They’re part of our team.”