The Next Generation

A wise family business invests in an entire generation
  • Support leadership and exploration.
  • Create entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • Help develop and educate tomorrow’s leaders.

First Bank’s Commitment to the Communities We Serve.


Few are more important than the next generation. The work we do today can make a difference for a lifetime. For us, that means helping children from under-resourced communities get the education and support they need to succeed later in life.  This includes supporting schools to provide a strong educational foundation, building mentorship programs, supporting leadership and exploration, creating new entrepreneurship opportunities and helping young people get the most out of the world around them. It means providing a leg up in communities, especially minority communities, in which children lack the advantages and opportunities available elsewhere.  It means doing our small part to fulfill this nation’s promise that all children are not just born equal, but are given equal opportunity to achieve their dreams.

We will honor this commitment by:

  • Investing in quality primary and secondary education that serves economically challenged youth (schools where more than 50% qualify for free or reduced price lunches).  This may be through direct support of public, charter or religiously affiliated schools.
  • Supporting programs that help youth thrive in the world around them through after school support and programming, academic assistance or life skill development.
  • Teaching children about non-traditional opportunities, college prep and specific skill training.
  • Providing financial education for youth and their families.