Deck the Halls without Racking Up Credit Card Debt

Understand the benefits of using a debit card rather than a credit card during the holidays and beyond.

Whether you’re holiday shopping or doing your regular run-of-the-mill grocery run, it’s all too easy to grab for the plastic in your wallet. We do it mindlessly; even if there are multiple cards in your wallet. But this holiday season can be a great reminder to pay with plastic more mindfully, especially as you shop beyond the holidays or make financial New Year’s resolutions. Did you know that 77% of payments are made with plastic over cash or checks?* Of that 77%, 44% of shoppers pay with a debit card — and with good reason. Unwrap these advantages to see why choosing a debit card payment will benefit you, especially during the holidays.

Theft and fraud protection benefits. Many debit card issuers include protection benefits to keep you and your financial information safeguarded from criminals. In fact, cardholders who proactively use issuer-provided safety and security tools are less susceptible to fraud. All First Bank Debit Mastercards® come with the peace-of-mind of ID Theft Protection and Zero Liability benefits at no extra cost. These benefits include ID Theft Alerts®, Mastercard Global Service (available for 24-hour assistance with Emergency Card Replacement, Lost and Stolen Card Reporting, and Emergency Cash Advance services), and Mastercard’s Zero Liability1 (meaning you won’t be held responsible for any unauthorized charges to your account). Get enrolled for Mastercard ID Theft Alerts® at no cost, by visiting

Fewer fees. Much like cold weather and hot chocolate, credit cards and fees go hand in hand. When using a debit card, you won’t be charged the following:

Over-limit fees. Debit cards are only limited to the money in your checking account, rather than a credit limit, so this fee is not applicable.

Late payment fees. As stated above, bills aren’t issued with debit cards because you’re only drawing money from what’s available in your checking account. Therefore, you’ll never have to worry about late payments costing you additional money or harming your credit and/or credit score.

Interest charges. Because you can’t finance purchases when using a debit card, interest charges will never be a factor.

Debit cards are easy to acquire. To receive a credit card, much like a loan, an application is required. With debit cards, however, anyone who can open a bank account can get one. Once you open your checking account, you’ll soon after receive a debit card and issued a monthly statement to track your spending and expenses.

Lower risk of debt. When you compare a credit card to a loan, it’s easy to see why choosing a debit card payment is wiser. Using a credit card is similar to taking out a small loan and agreeing to pay back the card issuer at a later date. A debit card, however, is like drawing a check only on the money that you have. You can only spend the money you actually have in your bank account. Another added benefit to only spending what you have? It’s easier to track your spending and monitor cash flow. Your monthly statement is just that – a statement, not a bill. Credit cards issue a monthly bill to pay each month based on what you spent, your interest rate, and any additional fees.

Deck the halls without racking up debt on credit cards. Ready to see which First Bank Debit Mastercard fits you like your favorite holiday sweater? Get all the information to find the perfect card for you, or review your Mastercard Benefits here: First Bank Debit Mastercard.