Overdraft Protection Services

No one is perfect. And we don't expect you to be.
  • Maintain peace of mind.
  • Avoid returned items.
  • Arrange for funds transfer.

There's no reason to pay a big price for a small mistake.

Our overdraft protection services can set things right if you overspend your checking account.

It can happen to anyone. You forget to record a sizable purchase or you make a math error in calculating your balance. Arrange for protection through one or more of these options in the event you overspend in your checking account.

  • Overdraft Transfer: Transfer from a linked First Bank account to cover an overdraft; $10/transfer
  • Preferred Credit Loan: Revolving line of credit linked to your checking account to cover an overdraft; subject to credit approval and finance charges under separate agreement
  • Overdraft Privilege Service: A non-contractual, discretionary service provided on eligible accounts to authorize and pay overdrafts up to an Overdraft Privilege Limit; $30/each paid item or transaction

Schedule an appointment to visit your local branch or have us call you to discuss the option that will works best for you.

Review Overdraft Protection Services Terms and Conditions.