Business First Lines of Credit

An affordable solution to cash-flow challenges
  • Apply only one time.
  • Access funds via checks.
  • Repay across one year.

Need some quick capital?
Just write a check.

Our Business First Line of Credit allows you to borrow repeatedly without all the red tape.

Term loans can help businesses cover planned purchases and expenses. But sometimes financial challenges and opportunities come almost out of nowhere. With a Business First Line of Credit, you'll always have liquid cash at your disposal. After completing one straightforward application, you won't have to fill out additional paperwork each time you access funds.

  • Credit line sizes from $100,000 to $250,000
  • Use checks to access funds on an as-needed basis
  • One-year term
  • Competitive, variable interest rate
  • As you pay down your balance, you replenish your available credit
  • Multiple collateral options

Common Loan Uses

  • Finance receivables
  • Seasonal working capital
  • Trade discounts
  • Short-term cash flow
Business Credit Cards
Get the right card for your company.