Employee Retirement Planning

Attract and retain top talent with comprehensive retirement packages tailored to your business.
  • Build a customized, cost-effective employee retirement plan.
  • Attract and retain top talent with preferred benefits.
  • Work with a dedicated employee retirement plan expert.

Give talented people another reason to join your team.

Today's business owners need every tool to compete for top talent. Well-designed employee retirement plans can give you that competitive edge. At First Bank, the Wealth Management team will design a benefits package that meets your business and personal objectives.

  • Develop a strategic plan through a proven results-based approach.
  • Facilitate a seamless conversion in 60-90 days, positioning you to succeed.
  • Implement an education and communication program/initiative that's easy for employees to understand and act on.
Employee Retirement Planning FAQs

Most employers focus on plan costs and investments fund performance, which are important. But the single most important factor in achieving maximum retirement readiness for you and your employees is an effective plan design based on your current business objectives and plan demographics. This critical component is regularly overlooked. The right plan design can make a material difference in maximizing Owner and employee contributions, and participant engagement.

Yes. Often Plan Sponsors don’t understand the “all-in” cost of their Employee Retirement Plan. It’s very confusing if you aren’t well versed in what you’re looking for, but obviously important. With just a little bit of information we can show you what you and your employees are actually paying, and how that compares to other plans similar to yours in the marketplace.

We are experts in all phases of Employee Retirement plans. As a professional Fiduciary we put our valued Client’s interests first. We also offer you the ability to outsource the majority of the work, time and liability associated with your Employee Retirement Plan, so you can have the peace of mind that it’s being managed correctly, and focus your attention on the more important task of running your business.

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