Please take a specialized family business survey provided by the Center for Family-Owned Businesses.

As part of our ongoing efforts to serve our family business owners with holistic resources and tailored solutions, First Bank’s Center for Family-Owned Businesses would like to ask you to complete the brief survey below. The survey is updated often and relevant to our webinar series. 

If you’d like to discuss your responses and survey results in greater detail, please take a moment to securely submit your contact information. A trusted advisor from The Center for Family-Owned Businesses will contact you within 48 hours.

As always, we look forward to serving you. 

Thank you.

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Have you ever considered starting a family office? If not, why not?

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How do you and your family currently manage your investments?

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What are your asset levels that you have available for investing?

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How knowledgeable are you on family offices, their purpose, and the benefits of starting one?

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Please provide us with your email to see your results and how you scored.