Your Teen is Turning 18 Soon. Are You Ready for What Will Change?

Doctor’s visits, selective service, and life insurance changes for 18-year-olds.

Hey parents, did you know that you won’t be able to access your child’s personal school information once they turn 18? Things such as their financial aid and grades are no longer going to be available to you once they enter adulthood. Did you know that you also won’t be able to access their insurance information? And, good luck scheduling a doctor’s appointment for them, you won’t be able to do that either.

As a parent, this can be very upsetting. Their whole life you’ve been in control of these things, and suddenly it has been stripped away from you. It can feel a bit crazy, because your teen is still your little baby to you, but they’re now entering the adult world. Once they turn 18, your parental rights will essentially disappear.

Let’s talk more about your teen’s transition to adulthood, and how you can be fully prepared.

How will the Health Insurance and Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) impact my family when my son or daughter turns 18?

You’ve usually been able to hear about your child’s diagnosis when they’ve visited the doctor. But, now they’re going to the health clinic and visiting the doctors at their college. Unless your child has signed the HIPAA and put your name on it, you can no longer call the doctor and hear about the diagnosis.

HIPAA instantly comes into action once your child turns 18. For dental, vision, and insurance visits in the past, you, as the parent, have signed the HIPAA form at every visit. Now, your 18-year-old will have to sign this form and add you, another parent or guardian, or anyone else, in order for you or another family member to be given the information. So, unless they sign this form at their visit, you better hope your young adult(s) are listening to what their doctor tells them!

Will I have access to my teen’s tuition statement in college?

As a parent of a young adult, you will no longer have the ability to access your child’s tuition statement or portal when they are in college, unless they grant you access. Once your child turns 18, this is yet another one of the many things that you, as a parent, will not be able to access without your son or daughter’s permission. And because you’ll no longer have access to this information, it’s important to keep in good communications with your child when it comes to paying tuition.

We cover all of the details about how your teen can help pay for college in our Financial Education Center.

Does my teen have to get their own life insurance?

Long story short, it depends on circumstances. Everyone’s situation is different, and if a young person is facing financial hardship, life insurance can be a good investment tool. In addition, since life insurance can depend greatly on age and health, getting a policy at a younger age can help lock in lower rates.

Let’s talk more about our life insurance options for you and your teen.

Does my child have to register for selective service?

At this point in time, only men have to register for selective service. Once your son turns 18, yes, he will need to register for selective service. There is a 30-day window for him to sign up. Not registering within this time frame is a federal offense, and can put a hold on him applying for things like a driver’s license and federal student loans until he does so.

Turning 18 is full of many changes for both you and your teen. As a parent, it can be difficult to endure this sudden change of pace on many things you’ve grown used to with your child. We’re here to help you every step of the way through this transition period.

Reach out and contact us to learn more about how First Bank can assist you. We want to be there to provide any guidance and assistance throughout your teen’s financial journey.