Mikel Williamson Appointed CEO of First Bank


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Mikel Williamson Appointed CEO of First Bank
ST. LOUIS  Mikel Williamson, president of First Bank, assumed the role of President and CEO, effective Nov. 1, 2023. He took over day-to-day bank responsibilities and now serves as CEO and president of FB Corporation, the holding company of First Bank. Shelley Seifert announced her retirement earlier this year.

“It’s an honor to continue to build upon First Bank’s unique ability to support the continued growth of family-owned and other privately held businesses,” said Williamson. “It’s a terrific opportunity to lead an organization singularly focused on creating more value for our clients, prospects, employees and the communities we serve.” 

Prior to joining First Bank in July 2023, Williamson served as President and CEO of Happy State Bank & Trust before its sale in 2022 and stayed on after the merger to oversee the bank’s Texas market, representing approximately $6 billion in assets and over 60 locations in more than 40 communities across the state. Prior to his 10-year stint at Happy State, Williamson had a variety of senior roles at Capital One, J.P. Morgan, and Bank of America.

“Mikel has already demonstrated that he is a thoughtful and passionate leader,” said Michael Dierberg, chairman of the board. “He’s invested in building on our strategic plan while also infusing new energy and thinking to meet the needs of our clients in a dynamic and changing world.”

Seifert transitioned to a senior advisor to Williamson through Dec. 31, 2023. 

“As I approach my first 100 days at First Bank, I have been impressed with the teams in St. Louis and California who collaborate to build a 21st century bank,” said Williamson. “It’s exciting to lead an organization that is actively building upon its century-long heritage of providing solutions for the long-term benefit of our clients, prospects, employees, and the communities we serve,” said Williamson.
About First Bank
First Bank, a subsidiary of FB Corporation, is one of the leading privately owned banks in the country. As a family-owned business with four generations of independent, single-family ownership, First Bank offers the stability and experience with long-term planning that helps businesses and the communities in which they operate grow and thrive. With $6.6 billion in assets and 80 locations throughout California, Missouri and Illinois, First Bank has developed a relationship-driven approach to offer comprehensive solutions for clients in commercial and consumer banking, wealth management, mortgage banking and more.