Craftsmen Industries Inc.

A partnership committed to helping grow business
Growing a business

Craftsmen Industries, Inc., based in St. Charles, MO, is known for producing specialized experiential marketing trailers. Joe Helmsing, Craftsmen Industries, Inc. Chairman, Past President, and CEO, states, “I wanted to do more than just Joe’s Trailer Repair. I wanted to make specialty items.” Craftsmen Industries was purchased in 1982. “We started with 10 employees, and we grew it to over 300 employees,” said Helmsing.

Mark Steele, Craftsmen Industries, Inc. CEO, President, and Co-Owner, said their tagline is ideation to creation fast. “People bring us an idea, a napkin sketch, rendering, or a picture, and we turn that into a physical asset,” he said, “and we think we do it better and faster than anybody in our industry.”

He continued, “People have to come to work with their head, their heart, and their hands each and every day to be able to help that customer vision come to life.”

Working with First Bank

After Craftsmen Industries, Inc. decided it was time to look for a new lending partner, Helmsing stated, “We chose to go with First Bank because not only were their rates competitive, but we felt they were the people that would work with us as we continued to grow.” 

Steele elaborates on how both First Bank and Craftsmen Industries, Inc. have many of values, such as the commitment to excellence, long-term view, and the commitment of family business. “Every business card says you know the most important thing is a relationship, and it shows in the way they approach their work and it’s consistent with how we operate.”

Steele closes with, “I really do feel like they’re partners committed to helping us grow our business and finding ways to grow our business. It’s been a relationship that I feel has helped change my view for the better.” 

Choose a bank that helps you grow

You don’t grow to be one of the biggest family-owned banks by standing still.  And you don’t do business for 100-plus years by forgetting where you came from, or who you’re here to serve.  Because helping clients reach their goals is our goal, and planning better for tomorrow starts with achieving more today.  For individuals, for businesses, and for the whole community. 

This is what it means to be a part of First Bank. 

Where being treated like family means something. Where the success of our clients means everything.  And where relationships come first.