High-Yield Savings

Relax and earn 4.50% APY.* 
  • Step up your savings when you earn 4.50% APY* with a high-yield savings account.
  • Maximize your savings while taking advantage of an excellent rate.
  • Start saving today by visiting us in-branch or by opening an account online.

Your money should be working hard for you, even when you're not.
Open a high-yield savings account today!

It's a no-brainer.
Whether you’re relaxing on the beach, out for a bike ride, or busy carpooling the kids, your money is working hard for you with a high-yield savings account! You’ll boost your savings when you open a high-yield savings account with First Bank. Earn 4.50% APY,* and maximize your hard-earned money, by earning even more.

Plus, you can easily track and manage your money through First Bank's eBanking and First Bank On The Go mobile app.
  • Open a Promo Statement Savings Account, First Bank's high-yield savings account, online or in-branch.
  • Score 4.50% APY,* an exceptionally high interest rate for a savings account.
  • Set up automatic savings through First Bank's eBanking - simply set it, forget it, and watch your money grow.

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High-Yield Savings Account FAQs

A high-yield savings account is a savings account with a trusted bank that earns a higher-than-average rate of return. Promo Statement Savings is the name of the First Bank High-Yield Savings Account. 
Yes!  All funds deposited and kept in a High-Yield Savings Account are FDIC-insured up to the standard FDIC deposit insurance amount of $250,000 per depositor for each account ownership category.  Find out more to understand First Bank’s FDIC Deposit Insurance coverage.
Accessing and managing your money is easy through First Bank’s eBanking or mobile app. If you need to make a withdrawal, simply visit a First Bank location, ITM, or Allpoint® Network ATM.

Note: Transactions involving Savings accounts are limited to six withdrawals and/or transfers each monthly statement cycle by check, preauthorized or automatic transfer, draft, debit card and/or telephone and/or electronic banking. If you exceed these limitations, an “Excessive Activity Fee” will be assessed ($5.00 per month). Withdrawals at an ATM or ITM are not included in the six-withdrawal limitation.