Financial Education Center

Webinar: Family Office to Family Enterprise - Strategies for Sustaining Your Wealth & Family Legacy

Join Tom Crotty, Practice Leader of Sensiba San Filippo, a leading San Francisco Bay Area accounting and business consulting firm, as he unpacks the questions surrounding the family office, if your family needs a family office, how to choose a family office, if your Chief Financial Officer (CFO) should run your family office, and more.

Webinar: Ready to Buy? Should You Invest As a Family in Other Businesses?

Your family business has capital to invest and talented family members, so how do you take advantage of this for your family’s benefit? Join Joe Ambrose, Executive Director of the First Bank Center for Family-Owned Businesses, as he moderates our panel discussion of making the most of adding businesses to your family’s portfolio of investments.

Webinar: Deciding if a Board of Directors is Best for Your Family Business

Michael Dierberg, Chairman of FB Corporation and President of First Bank , hosts a panel discussion on how to decide what’s best for your business and your family when it comes to the board of directors. Panel members Don Jubel, Tom Bakewell, and Jacob Herschend will share their unique perspectives on this important family business governance issue.

Webinar: Demystifying Digital: Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency

What are Cryptocurrencies and are they right for you? Noah Buxton, the Practice Leader for Blockchain and Digital Assets at Armanino LLP, demystifies the world of digital currency. Noah has an extensive background in the rapidly evolving area of new technologies and shares his insights in an easy-to-understand format.

Webinar: Measure What Matters in Your Family Business

Revenues, profits, a strong balance sheet: measuring success is important to all businesses. But, are there other important measurements in a family-owned business? Find out what the key metrics are for successful, generational family businesses.

Webinar: The Unexpected You Didn’t Expect: Planning For and Dealing With the Unexpected

Business owners anticipate changes in the future with things like strategic planning, life insurance policies, estate and trust documents, and more. However, what happens when all of this is circumvented by life changing events with family members and key employees?